Ask about handicap accessible construction services in Lakeport, CA

Move more freely throughout your home with wheelchair accessible ramps, doors and counters. Ore Construction in Lakeport, CA is your local Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) contractor. Our professionals provide state-regulated handicap accessible construction to make maneuvering throughout your home more convenient.

Ask about our full-service handicap accessible construction services by calling 707-413-3708. We'll happily assess your home and provide a solution that meets your specific needs.

Is your home working against you?

Our ADA contractor can design and build a variety of handicap accessible home features, including:

Curbless showers

Accessible sinks

Lower countertops

Edgeless doorways

Automatic stair lifts

There are endless options for custom handicap accessible construction, and we're dedicated to finding a reliable solution for you. Reach out to Ore Construction to get a free estimate on your handicap accessible construction project today.